Oy there! We're the Damn Shames, a group of friends who love to make things.

The Damn Shames creative team consists of damnshame, Hnerskers, PrincessFray, and half_pint, with many others lending their talent on a regular basis. As content creators, we create mostly stories and videos, and sometimes stories in the form of videos. Right now, we're focused on Star Citizen because we've got a lot to play with in that sandbox.

As gamers, the Shames are a virtual pirate organization dedicated to fun, mischief, and mayhem across the galaxy, from Star Citizen's alpha playground to the madness of GTAV to, well, whatever we damn well feel like! The Shames play like a cross between Robin Hood and the Lost Boys (and Girls).

The Damn Shames are also a gang of space bikers-turned-pirate characters who muddle through life in the universe of "Star Citizen." You can read about the continuing adventures of Fray, Riph, Kin, Rahab, Dog, Dragon, Ox, and Rabbit at piratesin.space, or you might catch the creative team playing them in-game (once the system allows).

If you're a manufacturer, and want us to review your product, shoot us a message.

TRIGGER WARNING: There are triggers.

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